Will Horimiya Have a Season 3?

will horimiya have a season 3


Will Horimiya Have a Season 3? Anime enthusiasts around the world often find themselves engrossed in the captivating stories and characters of their favorite series. One such series that has left a lasting impression is “Horimiya,” a romantic comedy anime that has garnered a dedicated fanbase. As fans eagerly await news about the possibility of a Horimiya Season 3, this post aims to delve into the reasons behind the anticipation, the factors influencing the decision for a new season, and the latest updates surrounding the beloved anime.

The Phenomenon of Horimiya

will horimiya have a season 3

“Horimiya,” an adaptation of HERO’s manga, has resonated with viewers for its heartwarming portrayal of relationships, character development, and a blend of humor and emotion. The series revolves around the seemingly ordinary but complex lives of the main characters, Hori and Miyamura, as they navigate high school, friendship, and budding romance.

Why the Anticipation for Season 3?

will horimiya have a season 3

1. Unresolved Plot Threads

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Horimiya” covered significant portions of the manga, but there are still unresolved plot threads and character developments awaiting exploration. Fans are eager to see how the story unfolds for Hori, Miyamura, and their friends in future arcs.

2. Popularity and Critical Acclaim

“Horimiya” has received widespread acclaim for its engaging storytelling, relatable characters, and the seamless blend of humor and heartfelt moments. The series’ popularity among viewers and positive reviews create a strong foundation for the desire for more content.

3. Manga Source Material

The manga source material provides ample content for additional anime seasons. With more chapters and arcs to adapt, fans hope for a continuation to witness the growth of the characters and the progression of their relationships.

Factors Influencing Season Renewal

will horimiya have a season 3

1. Manga Sales and Popularity

One of the primary factors influencing the decision for a new season is the commercial success of the manga series. High manga sales and sustained popularity contribute positively to the likelihood of anime adaptations.

2. Anime DVD/Blu-ray Sales

The sales performance of “Horimiya” on home media, such as DVD and Blu-ray, is another crucial aspect. Strong sales in this department indicate a dedicated fanbase willing to invest in physical copies of the anime.

3. Streaming Platform Performance

The series’ performance on streaming platforms is a key metric considered by production committees. High viewership numbers and positive reception on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation increase the chances of a new season.

4. Merchandise Sales

Merchandise associated with the anime, including figures, apparel, and other collectibles, plays a role in determining the franchise’s overall profitability. Successful merchandise sales can positively impact the decision for a new season.

Latest Updates and Speculation

will horimiya have a season 3

As of November 26, 2023, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding Horimiya Season 3. However, the anime landscape is dynamic, and updates can emerge at any time. It’s not uncommon for studios and production committees to take their time assessing the various factors before confirming a new season.

Fan Engagement and Community Hopes

The online anime community plays a significant role in expressing enthusiasm for the potential of Horimiya Season 3. Social media platforms, fan forums, and petitions are avenues through which fans voice their anticipation, create fan art, and engage in discussions about the series’ future.


The anticipation for “Horimiya” Season 3 is fueled by a combination of factors, including the unresolved plot threads, the series’ widespread popularity, and the availability of source material. While there is no official confirmation at the moment, fans remain hopeful, eagerly awaiting any updates from the production committee. As the anime landscape continues to evolve, only time will reveal whether “Horimiya” will have a Season 3, providing fans with the opportunity to further immerse themselves in the charming and heartfelt world of Hori and Miyamura.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is “Horimiya” confirmed for a Season 3?

As of November 26, 2023, there has been no official confirmation regarding the production of “Horimiya” Season 3. Fans are eagerly awaiting announcements from the studio or production committee.

2. How many seasons of “Horimiya” are currently available?

“Horimiya” has two seasons as of now. Season 1 and Season 2 cover significant portions of the manga, but there is speculation and hope for a potential Season 3.

3. What is the source material for “Horimiya” anime?

“Horimiya” is adapted from the manga of the same name written by HERO. The manga provides the source material for the anime series.

4. Are there enough manga chapters for a Horimiya Season 3 adaptation?

Yes, the manga has ample chapters and arcs that could be adapted into additional anime seasons. The availability of source material is a positive factor for the potential renewal of the series.

5. What factors influence the decision for a new anime season?

Several factors influence the decision for a new anime season, including manga sales, popularity, DVD/Blu-ray sales, streaming platform performance, and the overall profitability of the franchise.

6. Are there any official statements or hints about Season 3 from the creators or studios?

As of now, there haven’t been any official statements or hints regarding Horimiya Season 3. Fans are encouraged to stay updated through official announcements from the studio or production committee.

7. How can fans express their support for a new season?

Fans can express their support for a new season by engaging in positive discussions on social media, participating in online forums, creating fan art, and supporting official releases through streaming platforms, DVD/Blu-ray purchases, and merchandise.

8. Are there any petitions or campaigns for Horimiya Season 3?

It’s not uncommon for fans to initiate petitions or campaigns expressing their desire for a new season. Keep an eye on reputable platforms if any such initiatives gain traction within the fan community.

9. Where can I find the latest updates on Horimiya Season 3?

Stay tuned to official announcements from the anime’s production committee, studio, or reputable news sources. Social media platforms, fan forums, and anime news websites are good places to keep abreast of any developments.

10. If Horimiya Season 3 is confirmed, when can we expect it to be released?

Release dates for new seasons are typically announced closer to the production’s completion. Once “Horimiya” Season 3 is officially confirmed, fans can expect more information, including a potential release window.

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